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Ann Ruzow Holland, Ph.D.

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Objective, competent, critical, and proactive
strategic professional planning services. 


Ann Ruzow Holland, Ph.D.  is a professional services company providing strategic consulting, coaching and advice.  I work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to help them set new directions for success by providing strategic support for new enterprises, programs or organizational systems.   


My Company Offers:

Thirty-five years doing business, providing a comfort and insight level that enables value-added, expedited start up.

Analytical and strategic consulting experience, including many types and scales of business operations, from Fortune 500 scale to small non-profit institutions and entrepreneurial for- profits. 

Three decades of on-the-job management and development experience.

Academic training in participatory stakeholder engagement, organizational evaluation, administration, planning, writing, and research.

Deep and wide experience in visioning and business planning at the organizational level providing for strong  content and process competency. 

Quality, on time, results-driven deliverables.

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