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Teaching Experience

Teaching Experience

Plattsburgh State University - Plattsburgh, NY

2017 - 2019
Adjunct Faculty: Center for Earth and Environmental Science and Political Science Department
PSC 380 Public Administration
- PSC 356 Public Policy-Environment
- PSC 356 Public Polity-Domestic Policy

2008 - 2011, 1992 - 1998
 Adjunct Faculty, Center for Earth and Environmental Science                                                  
- ENV 340: Environmental Science Seminar

2005 - 2012
Adjunct Faculty, Geography Department 
- GEG 301: Global Planning Principles

Adjunct Faculty, Political Science Department
State & Local Government, New York State Politics, Environmental Politics

Your comments and your ideas have been extremely helpful, so if I can use you as a resource in the future, that would be great.”

“…your class is by far, probably the most useful class I have taken at Antioch. I think that if someone is doing a thesis, this class is a must! Thanks!”

“I would like to express my appreciation for the excellence with which you are approaching teaching our class. Your standards are high, your feedback is thorough and clear, and the resources you’ve been making available to us are wonderful and deep. And I deeply appreciate the integrity of your approach.”

“Thank you for your prompt and insightful has been a refreshing change. I think there is universal agreement in the cohort that your class was challenging but in a way that reminded us of the quality of work that is expected at the Masters level. It was rewarding to work through the process with you. As we move forward, on Sustainable Communities work, we may be coming back to you for some input, if you are available. I know that this is a subject matter at the heart of much of what you do.
— Graduate Student Comments

Antioch University New England - Keene, NH

Environmental Studies Research Scholar

Adjunct Faculty: Environmental Studies: Ph.D. Program
LD 2 Spring 2017: The Learning Domain Seminar II is designed to support students in the completion of the second phase of the ES doctoral program. The second phase is devoted to individualized study aimed at building a theoretical, conceptual, and methodological foundation for dissertation research. Specific focus on preparations for the qualifying exam, dissertation proposal, and on strategies for benefiting from and working effectively with the dissertation committee.

2011 - 2014
Adjunct Faculty: Environmental Studies; Resource Management and Conservation Master’s Program
RMC 532: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Techniques

You really nailed me, and your comments are really so helpful in forcing me out of my own assumptions. My XXXXX approved my plan, but I don’t think they thought as critically as you did.”

“Ann’s character reflects the utmost in integrity, as clearly emphasized by her recent success in the Ph. D. program. Accordingly she has gained the utmost respect from her cohort. And her skills and effectiveness in interpersonal communication, leadership, and management have been evidenced by the many who sought her advice as they continue their journey through the PhD program.”
— Colleague’s Comments

Paul Smiths College - Paul Smiths, NY

Adjunct Faculty, Natural Resources Department
     - Dispute Management in Natural Resources, Environmental Law, Policy, & Regulatory Processes
     - Developed syllabus, overall course structure, and administered all grades.

North Country Community College - Saranac Lake, NY

Adjunct Faculty, Arts and Sciences
     - Intro to Sociology
     - Developed syllabus, overall course structure, and administered all grades.

I may not have the opportunity to personally thank you for your efforts in this class; I feel my writing skills, my awareness of opposing opinions, and overall evaluation of the world around me is significantly different than when this class began. My first trip through college back in the 80s, I didn’t really understand the impact a good professor can make, and this time through, I want to be sure and let high quality professors such you know how much I appreciate the hard work, determination and—obviously with you—love of the job. It makes a difference.”

“I sincerely enjoyed our discussions and activities. I feel like your global planning principles class has helped me attain a greater understanding of how planning and land use management affect the earth, its inhabitants, and the environment. Thank you so much for making class interesting and engaging.
— Undergraduate Student Comments