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Organizational Change and Governance


Provide a comprehensive and evolving range of management consulting, training, and planning services to government institutions, non-profits, and private sector companies. Provide interdisciplinary services across all natural, cultural, socio-economic, and services spectrums.

Services include:

  • Design and Deployment of Professional Development and Training

  • Design and Deployment of Targeted Stakeholder Engagement/Outreach

  • Structured and Participatory Decision-making Processes and Protocols

  • Institutional Troubleshooting, Intervention, & Realignments

  • Change Management and Mentoring/Coaching

  • Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Conflict resolution (Harvard Negotiation Project & Susskind Consensus Methods)

  • Organizational planning and development

I can help you with:

Board Relations and Development
Board Retreat Facilitation
Board/Organization Liability
Board/Staff Mediation
Contractual/Management Fees
Corporate Contributions
Corporate/Business Partnerships
Earned Income/Enterprise Development
Economic Development Partnerships
Effective Crisis Management


Facilities Development
Feasibility/Planning Study
Leadership Development/Recruitment
Legal and Tax Compliance
Micro-Enterprise Planning and Assessment
Needs Assessment


Organizational planning and development, including strategic planning, grant writing & management, intervention, and change management. 
Organizational Structure
Personnel Policies
Roles, Responsibilities
Staff/Board Relations
Team Building

Relevant Projects and Client Commentary

Lake Champlain Committee
Burlington, Vermont

Project: 2019 Strategic Plan
Role: Retreat facilitation and strategic planning
Date: 2019

Brooklyn Queens Land Trust
Brooklyn, NY

Project: Accreditation Readiness Assessment
Role: Reconnaissance Gap and Readiness Analysis for Land Trust Accreditation
Dates: 2018 - 2019

Indian River Lakes Conservancy
Redwood, NY

Role: Strategic Planning Consultant
Date: 2018

New York Land Trust Alliance

Project: Advanced Circuit Rider, Land Trust Circuit Rider Advanced Coaching
Role: Circuit Rider Coach, Organizational and Change Management Coach, Consultant, and Trainer for New York Land Trust Organizations
Dates: 2017 - 2018
Service Area:  New York State and elsewhere

Adirondack Foundation
Lake Placid, NY

Project:  Adirondack Foundation Birth-to-Three Initiative
Role: Development Consultant
Dates: 2016-2018
Purpose: To provide development and management support to a new institutional venture
Service Area: Essex, Clinton, and Franklin Counties

Essex County Public Health Department
Elizabethtown, NY

Project: Preventative Services Workforce Development Assessment and Planning
Role:    Management Consultant
Dates: 2016-2017
Purpose:  Assessment and planning to improve preventative services workforce development efforts.
Service Area:  Essex County

Adirondack Foundation (Adirondack Community Trust)
Lake Placid, NY

Project: Adirondack Foundation Philanthropy Assessment:  Phase One--Issues and Opportunities - A Regional Reconnaissance Analysis
Role: Lead Consultant, Principal Researcher, Phase 1 Report.
Dates: 2016
Purpose: Relevant, critical, and timely information about regional issues, ideas, interests, and concerns allows the Adirondack Foundation to evaluate its philanthropy and adapt its giving strategies.  The purpose of this phase one reconnaissance analysis is to identify representative and thematic areas of regional issues and opportunities. 

Essex County Public Health
Elizabethtown, NY

Project: Essex County Medical Reserve Corps (ECMRC): Strategic Direction, Capacity Building, Recruitment, and Retention Plan
Role: Lead Consultant, Principal Researcher, Report, Recruitment Plan, and Event Calendar Development
Dates: 2015
Purpose: The Office of the U. S. Surgeon General announced the formation of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) program in 2002 following the events of September 11, 2001.  It was created as a national system of community-based units to promote the local identification, recruitment, training, and activation of volunteers, especially those with medical and public health backgrounds.  As a local health department, Essex County Public Health must conduct an Emergency Preparedness and Response Program to assure readiness to respond to health emergencies, whether naturally occurring or deliberate.  The “Plan” serves as a strategic itinerary for the logistical, organizational, operational, and administrative procedures of the Essex County Medical Reserve Corps (ECMRC).  It provides comprehensive guidance to the Essex County MRC volunteers, public health officials, emergency services personnel and others for the effective utilization of ECMRC volunteers.

WaterWorks Engineers, LLC.
Scottsdale, AZ

Role: Facilitation and Strategic Planning
Dates: 2012
Purpose: Organizational management services associated with your internal evaluation, operations assessment, and strategy-development for the next organizational phase of Waterworks Engineers.  

Champlain Valley Film Society
Essex, NY

Role: Meeting Facilitation
Dates: 2011
Purpose: Board of Directors Retreat Pre-Planning, Facilitation, and Follow-Up Report

Ausable River Association
Wilmington, NY

Role: Lead Consultant on Strategic Plan, Retreat Design and Facilitation
Dates: 2010-2011
Purpose: Pre-Retreat Planning, Board of Directors Retreat Facilitation, 360° Evaluation, Strategic Plan Report Development. Process Management for Watershed Association. Conduct organizational strategic planning in order to bring focus and intent to the direction of the organization. The outcome of this project was a Strategic Plan Report for the AuSable River Association including a SWOT analysis and an Action Matrix with timelines and measurable results.

Yellow Wood Associates, Inc.
St. Albans, VT

Role: Components of Formative Evaluation
Dates: 2008
Purpose: Collecting and Analyzing Performance-Related Information as Part of a Formative Evaluation Team.

Yellow Wood Associates, Inc.
St. Albans, VT

Role: Energy/Infrastructure Technical Assistance
Dates: 2004-2008
Purpose: Consulted on the development of Green Community Technology program; selecting demonstration communities, presenting conference workshops, providing technical expertise for infrastructure inventory and assessment, authoring publications, and establishing protocols for GCT implementation

North Country Cultural Center for the Arts, Inc.
Plattsburgh, NY

Role: Retreat Facilitation
Dates: 2006
Purpose: Pre-Retreat Planning, Facilitation, and Report. Retreat Facilitation and Management Consultant

Old Forge, NY

Role: Retreat Facilitation
Dates: 2003
Purpose: Pre-Retreat Planning, Facilitation, and Report. Management Consulting and Retreat Facilitation.